Thursday, November 21, 2019

HS 5600 ASSIGNMENT 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

HS 5600 1 - Assignment Example In addition, the system is non-linear. This provides a contradiction in the proportionality of the output in the context of the input. Other differentiating characteristics include the system being deterministic. This denotes the notion that chaotic behavior is random. Complexities are the factors that make a situation or event inexplicable. In this context, the author describes complexity as the inability to equate the real cause of any chaotic behavior in any situation. In addition, the chaos theory contains complex systems that contain numerous independent elements that continually interact with spontaneous organization and reorganization over time into elaborate structures. Meteorological predictions provide a foundation for determining the consequences as a result of various actions that affect the environment. In this context, predictions in the chaos theory attempt in giving a detailed report into the expected repercussions as a result of chaotic behavior. Also, they help in reducing fatalities and the prevention of chaotic behavior. During the Cold war, deterrence was quite successful despite the fact that there were one or two hitches focused towards preventing the war. Historically, however, deterrence seemed to work much less due to the fact that the cold war, with its bipolar simplicity and strong command on both sides. The threat of mutual, nuclear annihilation represents an extreme case of deterrence . Certainly, deterrence has broken down more often since the end of the Cold War than during it.Based on the case theory we can assume that the international system to be a state of self organizing critically, then we can consider that the Cold war, which was brought about by a breakdown in deterrence, is an instance in which at least parts of the of the system spill into chaos. 5. The article provides an example of a similar formula of deterrence involving nations. Using the formula

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