Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Migration Indian by Rita Joe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Migration Indian by Rita Joe - Essay Example The poems and the novels authored by Brooks are characterized by conflict between different races, identity controversies, dignity and the search of meaning of various aspects of art and poetry. The Chicago defender helped in the promotion of the black performing and fine art. Additionally, these works of the Black were published and publicized. This included the works of some institutions, which participated in the inventions and innovations in art and aesthetics. The black citizens had the opportunity to showcase their art and visual arts in workshops established for the purpose of promoting art and poetry. Hine asserts that Brooks’s art features the spirit of the Black Chicago city (37). There were many black visual artists. Scott specialized in the painting of landscapes and impressive portraits of items and people. Scott also painted murals, especially the Black murals, which showed the success of the blacks in the past. White was another African-American who specialized in graphic arts. Additionally, Motley used his artistic works to feature jazz music. His artwork was also used in the sensitizing of the blacks of their relevance in society despite the common fallacy that they are primitive. According to Kent, Corton also boosts the Black Chicago Renaissance Movement to a great height given that he showcased the beauty of African women in all his poetic themes (58). Music was another art, which was utilized by the Black to perpetuate the beauty of African women. This made jazz music to be of relevance to Chicago city. The black religious songs were also composed by Thomas Dorsey. Additionally, the urban music was majorly attributed by tambourines, drums and cymbals. Pianos were also employed in the urban music. Inez Cunningham Stark taught Brook many lessons pertaining to music. In fact, Brook earned his living orchestrating and composing her own original works. Her work was inspired by great works of Brahms and Wagner. She also

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